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Welcome to Deepak Paints

Deepak Paints Private Limited a D.G.S & D approved company was established in Patna with its Head Office at Kolkata in 1968. It was an initiative of Mr Balraj Kapoor under supervision of Late Sri Pran Nath Kapoor for the production of Industrial Coatings, wood Coatings & finishes, Oxide Colors and many more in building construction applications.

Deepak Paints Products have been used to decorate some prestigious buildings, government institutions like Indian Railways, Bihar Pul Nigam etc of ISI specification.

Deepak Paints is approved Paint unit by R & D, Lucknow and also approved supplier of Paints in D.G.S & D, New Delhi.
The positive results have been reached making continuous efforts in customer care from one hand & consistent research for innovative & high quality products on the other hand. Last year company has added a new field in the pocket of market i.e. Printing work by Web Off Set Printing Press.

The company prides itself in using the very latest laboratory facilities and equipments. They ensure high standard and quality products by testing finished products and Raw materials by modern methods of scanning and quality control.

Total Quality management and the competent pricing policy at Deepak paints are aimed to realize maximum leverage for its clients. Our product follows one specification of bringing customers the greatest satisfaction.

Our R&D division is always striving for better products for customers that add colors and value to them. With a commitment to excellence, we expect to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction in the years to come.

Deepak paints boasts of a plethora of products available under different brand names with varying properties. Its products specifically designed and formulated to standards, to ensure the finest for all your residential, commercial, and industrial applications.